Weight Control for Boxing

If you are going to box, be it as a competitor in tournaments or in sparring sessions in the gym, you will be matched against other boxers of the same weight. It's important therefore that  your weight should be proportionate to your size and build.

If you are overweight what can you do about it?

It is a myth that exercise is a good way of reducing weight. (Click
here to see why). It can help, largely because it is an appetite suppressant, but there is only one way to control your weight and that is to control what you eat.

I am not going to suggest any kind of diet, (these all most always fail to achieve lasting results), but a change in eating lifestyle. In some ways it is a bit like giving up smoking; those that smoke are hooked on nicotine, often those that are overweight are hooked on food.

Here is what I suggest:

You are only going to eat twice a day. The first meal will be breakfast and, within reason, you can eat what you like, cornflakes and scrambled egg for example, but it needs to be a decent meal because you aren't going to eat again till you get back from work.

At lunchtime you can have a  small snack but keep it to things like a few biscuits and fruit. You will probably find this difficult because often the lunchtime meal is a social affair with your friends .
Drink as much tea or coffee as you like but if you take sugar try and reduce the amount.

Have a good meal when you get home in the evening but try not to eat too much fatty food or anything containing a lot of sugar. Vegetables and fruit are good but this isn't a diet it's a lifestyle and it is going to be the way you live as long as you are training as a boxer.

If you drink much beer you are going to have to cut this right down. Again social pressures may make this difficult but you will find that if you stay with it your friends will start to respect you for doing so.

You need to accept that you will find this pretty tough. For several weeks you are going to more or less constantly feel hungry but if you really want to achieve a reasonable standard you are going to have to stay with it. It does get easier but it will take some weeks before you start to notice this.

Boxing requires high levels of fitness if you are to achieve a worthwhile standard. Fitness and fatness are mutually exclusive